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Avez-vous de la difficulté à tenir un budget? Comprenez-vous le charabia financier? Faites-vous de l'urticaire à chaque renouvellement d'hypothèque? Payez-vous plus d'intérêt qu'il en est dans votre intérêt? Est-ce le cahot dans vos papiers financiers? Connaissez-vous votre valeur financière? Est-ce qu'une rencontre avec votre directeur bancaire est aussi plaisante qu'une visite chez le dentiste?

Budgeting, what’s that? Understand any of the financial mambo jumbo? Do you brake up in hives every time your mortgage comes up for renewal? How do you know you are not paying more interest than you should? Your paperwork is so backlogged that you are finding Eaton statements. The next time you visit your dentist, it will seem pleasant compared to the one with the bank manager. How much are you really worth?

Ready for Abundance

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Are you ready to feel in control of your finances?

Ready to release your fears & limiting beliefs surrounding money? 

Are you finally ready for joy and peace of mind? 


Abundance is already there, waiting for you. 

Universal abundance is rightfully yours, it is your birthright. However …

"Abundance is not about attracting, it's about allowing." affects our whole being. 

Money affects our relationships, our family, and our health!

Managing our responsibilities can feel burdensome; as we feel responsible not only for our success, but for our families well-being; both the day-to-day comforts, as well as the need to plan for a bright and secure future.

The topic of money also brings with it feelings of guilt, shame, doubt...hopelessness, fear and feelings of scarcity or lack, as though we do not deserve the richness and gifts that life has to offer.

The result: people would prefer "not to look" or to put it in the drawer for later...but later never comes.   

I get it, and let me reassure you that you are not alone. Far from it. In fact…most of society lives this way.

The Good News…


When we take a look at our actual financial situation, in practical terms, we can start to live freely,  and become empowered. Bringing any limiting beliefs to consciousness, we start to heal these blockages. 

Yes, the feeling of relief and joyful abundance is waiting for you. You can enjoy life and the fruits of your labour - while you are still here to enjoy them!

As your Financial Sherpa™ I am here to illuminate the path and give you financial confidence you perhaps didn't even know was possible!

With decades of practical industry experience combined with a holistic approach,  you will find a space that is free of judgement. The Spirit of Money™ Coaching  is a one of a kind approach that addresses both aspects, the actual money stuff, and the mind / spirit stuff. 

I offer one-on-one coaching -  in person, or virtually. 

All it takes is a simple decision to reach out. 

Connect with me via phone, e-mail or the contact form to start your journey towards abundance, wealth and freedom!